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Add More to Your Membership

Fitness Arts Plus gives you access to new Plus – only workouts and recipes, as well as a constantly growing set of features, functionality, and tools to help you get the most out of your fitness journey. Is Fitness Arts Plus right for you? If you haven’t tried Fitness Arts Plus yet, start your free one week trial today!

Enter and Track Custom Workouts

We know your workouts aren’t always with Fitness Blender, but you can still track all your activity in one place. Whether it is an evening walk or another online video, you can enter your non-Fitness Arts workouts, schedule on your calendar, track stats, and take notes just like your Fitness Arts workouts.

Ads-Free Website and Videos

Get rid of those pesky advertisements! When you log in with Fitness Arts Plus, you won’t see ads anywhere on the website or in workout videos. Check out the video system requirements, test out the player, and checkout the player FAQs to make sure the new player will work with your devices.

Fitness Arts Plus-Only Content

Get additional workouts and recipes with your Fitness Arts Plus membership. Supplement the hundreds of free workout videos and recipes with regular releases of new content made especially for Fitness Arts Plus members.

Surprise Me Workout Selection Tool

Do you need help choosing your next workout? The Surprise Me tool allows you to browse workouts randomly or with any filters you select. Find a new video, one you haven’t done in a while, or something that meets your specific needs. You’re just one click away from your next Workout Complete.

Track Your Progress

Ever forget what weights you used last time you did a workout? Track your reps, weights, or add a quick reminder in the notes section for each workout. Refer to your notes over time to see how you’ve progressed or to target areas to improve.

Statistics for Your Activities

It’s like a roadmap for your fitness journey. You’ll always know what you’ve done to help you plan what to do next. Empower yourself with your full workout and program history, as well as a breakdown of body focus, workout types, and more.

Fitness Arts Plus Challenges

Join your fellow Fitness Arts Plus members in challenges you can add to your calendar to shake up your schedule, break through a plateau, or try something new. But be quick! Fitness Arts Plus challenges are only live for a short time to make way for the next one.

More about us

Created by certified fitness instructor, Jeanne Missey Osgood – a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) and a certified Pilates instructor (NPCP), and a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.


35+ million workouts completed each month by our amazing Fitness Blender Family.


500+ free workout videos for every fitness level + effective & affordable workout programs.


26+ years of combined experience helping people achieve their fitness & health goals.


Pilates Teacher
Yoga Alliance



Jeanne cares about her teaching. I admire her passion for Pilates. I see joy and happiness when she is teaching us. She is patient and supportive. I was having a moment of anxiety about taking the written and practical exam at the end of the training and she spent extra time encouraging me. She would say, “I am available to you. I want you to get it in your bodies and practice, practice, practice! I want all of you to succeed! Continue working and learning from each other and keep observing other instructors, that is the path to instructors extraordinaire!” What a great message! Thank you, Jeanne for creating and directing the Arizona Pilates Academy and for teaching me the beautiful Pilates movement!

~ Isma