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4 Month Membership
4 Monthly Installments of $750 for a total of $3000
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What you get

3 Virtual Meetings per module and unlimited emailing for questions or assistance in understanding the materials.

 Module 1

Introduction, Big Picture Pilates, History, Communication Skills, Intake Procedures, Anatomy of the Core, Fundamentals, Matwork, Magic Circle, Elastic Band, Stability Ball and Foam Roller

(Practical and Written Test via Zoom) (Download Pilates Packet)(Download Pilates Mat Manuel)

 Module 2

Reformer 1, Reformer 2 and Reformer 3

3 (Practical Test via Zoom) (Download Reformer Manuals) (Must complete Module 1 before taking other Modules)

 Module 3

Cadillac/Tower 1, Cadillac/Tower 2

(Practical Test via Zoom) (Download Cadillac/Tower Manuals) (Must complete Module 1 before taking other Modules)

 Module 4

Wunda Chair 1, Wunda Chair 2

(Arc Workshop via Zoom; Practical Test via Zoom) (Download Chair Manuals)

 Module 5

Aging Adults, Interview with Helen, Relaxation Techniques

(Download Pilates Packet – Contraindications) (Testing Review via Zoom) (Final Written and Practical Exam via Zoom)