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Pilates Teacher Training with Fitness Arts

Why Teach Pilates?

Pilates instruction may appeal to those who are already involved in health and fitness careers. Alternatively, our Pilates training package may be your introduction to this type of work. In either situation, you will likely find that teaching Pilates is both highly rewarding and dynamic. If you have an interest in the power of healing through movement, the benefits of strengthening the core, or helping people with repatterning their muscles toward better alignment and less pain, Pilates instruction may be your ideal path.

Self-Paced, Online Training

One of the greatest advantages that Fitness Arts has to offer is accessibility. Each video course is available online, and there is no strict timeline for completing your learning. So, you can receive the customized learning experience you need from the comfort of home or from a dedicated training space. Since our Pilates Teacher Training Program had been accepted by ACE for continuing education, petitioning for CEC’s is an easy process.

What you get

A general understanding of Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Special Populations
Modules 1-9
Introduction, Big Picture Pilates, History, Communication Skills, Intake Procedures, Anatomy of the Core, Fundamentals, Matwork, Magic Circle, Elastic Band, Stability Ball and Foam Roller. Practical Test (with option to schedule on premise training) Written Test available online (Download Pilates Packet)(Download Pilates Mat Manual)
Module 10
Reformer 1, Reformer 2 and Reformer 3 (Must complete Module 1 before taking other Modules)
Module 11
Cadillac/Tower 1, Cadillac/Tower 2 (Must complete Module 1 before taking other Modules)
Module 12
Wunda Chair 1, Wunda Chair 2 (Download Chair Manuals)
Module 13
Aging Adults, Interview with Helen, Pilates for Arthritis, Pilates for Pregnancy, Relaxation Techniques (Download Pilates Packet – Contraindications) (Online Final Test)
Pay in Full Up Front  – $129.00 for Modules 1-9 (Matwork and Small Tools focus)
$129.00 for Modules 10-13 (Apparatus training, Special Populations and Progressive Relaxation focus)
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Michael teaching a Reformer class with Bob, Judi and Chris

Jeanne Missey Osgood is the creator and director of Fitness Arts & the Arizona Pilates Academy. She brings 35 years of real-life fitness training experience and program development and 20 years of Pilates teaching experience to her training exercises, lectures, and relaxation techniques. She has over 10 years of specialized experience in training older adults… In addition to her fitness and physical training background, Jeanne has earned a Master of Arts degree in Higher Education from Bowling Green State University. She has developed fitness programs within Firelands College, Bowling Green State University and at the University of Arizona, Department of Campus Recreation Therefore, she brings a unique blend of expertise in both the practice of Pilates and the concept of education itself.
Michael Campos is the web designer for the course online through Teachable and a Pilates instructor himself. He will also be your point of contact for tech support or questions throughout the training.
If you are ready to take the next step in your professional development as a Pilates instructor, sign up today to tap into our wealth of digital resources.


Testimonial one

Jeanne is an amazing and knowledgeable instructor who keeps the Pilates training exciting and challenging

~ Silver

Testimonial two

Jeanne has a passion for helping others achieve their best life. Her goal is positivity and helping everyone succeed. She will push you, but, is always cognizant of limitations and will show alternatives to achieve the same goal. I attribute my flexibility, balance, and zest for life mostly to Pilates and Jeanne helps me to maintain that status. I had been taking Pilates at other studios and was doubtful that I would ever find another place that would bring me joy. Jeanne soon won me over with her flexibility, positivity and knowledge of the physical body

~ Jacquie

Testimonial Three

Excellent teaching style. Jeanne makes newbies to the field of movement feel good about themselves

~ Cerise

Testimonial four

Pilates Teacher Training with Jeanne Missey Osgood was one of the best decisions I have made. Her method of teaching is detailed, thorough and supportive. I highly recommend her teacher training programs.

~ Tamala

Testimonial five

Jeanne inspires me to be my best!

~ Terri

Testimonial six

Fitness Arts is a one of a kind studio. Jeanne provides a platform both online and in person where participants can explore their own creativity through a multitude of physical expressions. Truly a life changing experience!!

~ Julia

Testimonial Seven

When I opened my Pilates studio in 2012, Jeanne Osgood was the first professional master teacher I thought of to provide Pilates teacher training for my staff. Since my expansion in 2019, Jeanne recently conducted Pilates Teacher Training. Training was planned prior to the mandatory pandemic closure and Jeanne swiftly transitioned to online training. Her vast knowledge of fitness and higher education experience insures the finest Pilates training available. I have complete confidence in students that have completed Pilates Teacher Training with Jeanne. She makes learning fun, enjoyable and inspiring. Thank you Jeanne for all you do! You’re the best.

Connie Plummer
The Pilates Station, Owner
Vail, AZ

Testimonial eight

Jeanne cares about her teaching. I admire her passion for Pilates. I see joy and happiness when she is teaching us. She is patient and supportive. I was having a moment of anxiety about taking the written and practical exam at the end of the training and she spent extra time encouraging me. She would say, “I am available to you. I want you to get it in your bodies and practice, practice, practice! I want all of you to succeed! Continue working and learning from each other and keep observing other instructors, that is the path to instructors extraordinaire!” What a great message! Thank you, Jeanne for creating and directing Fitness Arts & the Arizona Pilates Academy and for teaching me the beautiful Pilates movement!

~ Isma

Pilates Teacher Training with Fitness Arts


Online training platforms in general and across mind/body fitness modalities are more prevalent, effective and learner-friendly than ever before.


Pilates apparatuses (both home and commercial use) are easy to purchase online, so there is a need for more efficient and cost effective training protocols.


Teacher Training programs, once out of reach either economically or geographically, are now both affordable and available.
Teaching Pilates begins with the right instructor training, and if you are self-directed, Fitness Arts and the Arizona Pilates Academy is an ideal choice for starting your Pilates journey. Through this online learning platform, aspiring instructors can find self-guided and self-paced learning at an affordable price point, and instruction can be completed from anywhere. Fitness Arts & the Arizona Pilates Academy is led by instructor-trainer, Jeanne Missey Osgood, MA. She is a certified continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200). She is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions:

The 300-Hour Pilates Teacher Training is an online professional training for anyone who wants to learn more about Pilates. Whether you want to work-out in the comfort of your own home and have purchased some of the apparatus or you are a fitness enthusiast/instructor who would like to add Pilates training to your teaching arsenal, this cost effective online program is for you.

 When you register for the 300-hour Pilates Teacher Training, you get access to the advanced teacher training content right away but must complete it sequentially, module by module within one year. You may copy/download all the materials throughout training for personal use.

Access to Pilates apparatus, computer, iPad or phone, Pilates mat, notebook and pen

300 hours is a starting point and approximately what it will take to start to understand how to teach Pilates. If you have education or experience  in anatomy, exercise physiology or teaching other modes of fitness it might take less time.  This course is designed to take about 6 hours per week for a period of about one year.  You might be able to move more quickly if you are able to dedicate more time per week.

Anyone with a desire to learn about Pilates training methods and/or who wishes to teach Pilates.

Of course! And we have amazing Pilates, yoga and fitness enthusiasts who do just that. Fulfilling the graduation requirements are required to earn your certificate. You may choose to forego or delay certification at this time and simply enjoy this deep, enriching experience.

It is up to you to finalize your personal schedule.  Some of you will finish in as little as 3 months, others will take closer to 6 months, although most of you will take a year. It is important to stay on track and study for a couple of hours most weeks.

To graduate from the 300-Hour program you must:
  • Complete all videos and quizzes.
  • Complete and pass the two Written Exams (It is open book, you may use your manuals, handouts and notes.)
  • Complete the final teaching Practicum by sending in 50-min videos of you teaching a Pilates Mat class, Reformer class, Tower/Cadillac class and Wunda Chair class or schedule with us for an in person, on-premise Practicum at our Vail or Tucson locations.

You will be well on your way to becoming a Pilates teacher extraordinaire! Upon completion of this course, you will also receive a 300-hour Certificate of Completion from the Arizona Pilates Academy. And a letter of referral from Jeanne Missey Osgood, upon request.

Our training is not refundable however if you decide to drop out of the course after your first week but within one year, you are entitled to take one Pilates Apparatus Group class per week for a month at either our Tucson or Vail, AZ locations (a $100 value). Or if you live out of town, we can set up 2 Private Pilates sessions ($160 value) either Zoom or on-premise if you can visit. This must be completed within a month of dropping the course.

Email Us With Further Questions:

If you have any other questions please reach out to us using the contact form. You can email us directly at info@fitnessarts.com. We hope to hear from you soon! We are honored that you have decided to take part in our Pilates Teacher Training Program!