On-Demand Classes

On-Demand Fitness Arts Classes

It’s not always easy to get to the movement studio for in-person classes or book a session with a personal trainer. Alternatively, it can be quite challenging getting into shape or learning new workouts in a public setting. Our On-Demand Fitness Arts Classes allow you to enjoy the perks of guided, accessible movement from the comfort and privacy of your home. We offer a wide range of yoga, fitness, Pilates, and dance classes for you to access, so you can have fun while you get into shape. Achieve fitness for a body built to last with online fitness videos from Fitness Arts.

Why Choose Fitness Arts?

With Fitness Arts, you will benefit from the experience of Jeanne Missey Osgood, MA, who has 35 years of fitness instruction training. In addition, you’ll find classes for all skill levels. All individuals should have the opportunity to find their strength and become empowered through exercise. So, we make it easy to do just that, no matter what your current fitness level is.

What Types of Classes Are Offered at Fitness Arts?

Pilates, Vinyasa (Flow) yoga and Poetry-yoga, a class involving listening to inspirational poetry while holding gentle yoga poses, are all mind-body classes designed to hone awareness and concentration. These practices can help you connect to mindfulness and enjoy an element of meditation in your exercise routine. Jeanne has also tailored a unique Pilates course called Pilates for Puppeteers, which combines her extensive fitness background with her current artistic passion. Chair Fitness is ideal for those looking to increase muscular endurance, agility, balance and mobility while sitting or holding onto a chair. Bands, balls and water bottles are all the tools that you need. If you have a step, you can crank up the intensity with a basic Old-School Step Aerobics class, or, if you like dancing, we offer beginning Tap Dance and Line-Dance. Both classes offer loads of fun and they are easy to learn and great for coordination and brain health.

Open Locally Too!

We have moved from our old location on S Tucson Blvd. Join us at our new location, 1678 Country Club Road (Country Club/Pima), in the Blenman-Elm Neighborhood. Click here to schedule an appointment!
At Tucson Pilates Lab, we offer Pilates personal, duet training and small group exercise on the Pilates apparatus. We focus on correct body alignment, core strengthening, and centered breathing. We have a range of classes to suit every body type and ability level, and enjoy helping you reach your Whole Body potential.
We offer a wide range of private and group classes, and also host various special events in the Tucson community.
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